Saturday, June 22


117 arguments, 56 disappointments, 26 deletion from facebook/ whatsapp/ tango, and twice at the brink of breaking up.

Still look forward to meeting you soon.

Friday, March 22

Come What May

I stood by the arrival hall holding a bouquet, smiled to perfection. It was too early for your flight, but I did not want to risk not being there the moment you walked out. At least I thought it was a romantic decision until close to 3 hours later. My arms were getting numb and the suit started itching me, you were still nowhere to be found, and I could not maintain this cool posture forever.

It was only months ago. I deliberately accused you for stealing my Bose earphones and whisked you out for a compensational dinner, because you looked so nice. You wore a decidedly casual outfit, as opposed to many that I dated who parade their cleavages around and with their bottoms slid half way off their ass-es. You told me stories about the Condor Heroes, something that I have read repeatedly when I was a child. I had a sudden creep up on my back, that you could be the one.

Not wanting to get my hopes too high, I went out w you a few more times to investigate compatibility. These times, I did not smoke because I know it upsets you. I told you I have no sense of direction but am doing something about it with the newly bought GPS. I also finally indicated my interest in you and would immediately ceased all my clubbing liaisons. Any other girls that come along are just seeking for rejection and will be given no sympathy. 

I apologise if I came across too direct, but I think you are amazing.

Here we are now, approximately 6 months after our first date. It has been a very delightful 6 months for me, although I have to admit, I was slightly (only slightly) taken aback by our vast temparamental differences. We yelled, we screamed, we cried at each other but I’m glad afterwhich we still wind up thrown together. 

And then much later I was jolted out of my reverie when you finally called. Apparently you rendered your kind assistance to some random foreigners. You stroke a chord in my heart yet again. You apologised for being late, but it was really nothing to me. 

Sorry that I generally have busy schedule, but I make every effort to spend those brief moments w you.

Thank you for tolerating me these 6 months.

You never stopped looking immaculate, even when you just woke up and your face was completely obscured by rice flour. and not forgetting the snot.

Thursday, January 17

Happy Birthday!

Best thing that ever happened.

Tuesday, December 25


I am sorry for the delay. Hope this still makes it in time and I am really looking forward to meeting you this Friday.


Monday, August 20

Right where you want me

Everytime we talk.

Everytime our hands collide.

My heart melts a little bit more.

Smiles a little bit more.

And in the blink of an eye, my life changed forever.

Who needs another night in zouk?

For in your presence, I have become estranged from false enchantments.

For in your presence, I have found solace.

And I beg of you.

Trust this divided and imperfect soul.

And you can trust that.

This heart will not gallivant off from you.

This heart will always find its relevance to you.

And only to you*

the lousy sea sick sea captain

Saturday, June 2

Me Dearly Beloved Exes

It struck a chord in my heart when I saw J's wedding photos.

'I'm so happy!' She rejoiced, for she knew how rare a find he was, 'Life has never been so blissful now'.

'I'm really happy for you' I said, 'I miss you already, come back and visit sometimes'. It did hurt a lil bit inside. Having been married to a American Korean, it's only natural that J would be based in USA permanently.

'I will. Update me on your love life too! I'd like to know!'

I tried to be as subtle as possible throughout the whole conversation. Not that I still have any feelings for her, but my head was involuntarily reliving all the memories that we have had together.

I felt as though it were only yesterday, where I flipped over to her side, closely listening to the soft purr of her breathing as she sleeps.


They always have a special place in your heart. They are not romantically suited for you, but they had moved you in ways others had not. I remember there was once Jess called and deliberately woke me in the middle of the night. ‘Babe,’ she murmured, half sobbingly, ‘Please tell me you are home now, I had a dream that you were in an accident’. I was enthralled so completely by her at the moment. I was the luckiest guy in the world then.

Admittedly, we are more prone to dwell in the past. It’s harder to fend off your sentimentalities and pretend that it never existed.

It’s always bittersweet whenever we take a stroll down memory lane – sometimes happy, sometimes sad, never perfect. And whether we like it or not, their presence has impacted our lives, our souls, and perhaps to a certain level, it still forms a secret longing in our hearts.

All the keepsake that were given by my exes are still in my possession today. From time to time, I would trace back these mementos in order to find relevance to their love and affection. Because without them, I would not faintly resemble the man I am today.

Regrettably, all my exes are currently nowhere I can cast my sight upon.

And I have long searched in vain for someone who can replace them, someone who can make me fall wholeheartedly for like they did.

Inspired by Fei -

Sunday, December 4

To the skimpy girls I bumped into in Zouk

They think you're hot

in short skirts w too lil material, tight shirts w too much to reveal


I think you would look a thousand times hotter

in oversized tee, ripped jeans, and old sneakers.

Sunday, November 6

Reasons as to why you would want to be my girlfriend

1) My sister is not hotter than you.

2) My brother is not hotter than me.

3) I buy my own cigarettes.


4) I will watch Gossip Girls w you.

5) I will appreciate your boobs, regardless of their sizes.

6) I listen to Westlife.


7) I hate Justin Bieber.

8) I can cook.

9) My roasted honey chicken will blow your mind.


10) I put down the toilet lid after use.

11) My indo mie is the shizzle.

12) My fried egg's yolk never breaks.


11) I'm not a virgin.

12) I know how to respect your clit.

13) I will listen to all your problems.


14) I will never ask you to meet my parents.

15) I recycle.

16) I do charity on a regular basis.


17) I will deem your bimbotic moments cute.

18) You will look good in my shirt.

19) I will watch the same movie twice just because you haven't watched it.


20) I am learning how to tie a cherry stem w my tongue.

21) I take charge in bed.

22) My dick is long enough to choke you.


23) I will pay for your meals.

24) I can get you and your friends into Zouk w/o incurring any costs.

25) I celebrate Valentines' Day.


26) I will still kiss you even when you have fever.

27) I know handcuffs aren't just for cops.

28) I smoke up.


29) I'm open for sex after weed.

30) No one will hit you again.

31) I will remember your birthday.


32) I will remember your parents' birthday.

33) I will not ask you to do my assignment.

34) I can give kick ass massage.


35) You are cooler than all my ex girlfriends.

36) I do dishes.

37) I will not fuck your friends.


38) I look hot when I wear pink.

39) I will kill the spiders for you.

40) We can watch your movie first.


41) I can reverse park at first attempt.

42) I speak 6 languages.

43) I always understate my earnings.


44) Take as long as you want, I can wait.

45) I don't cheat.

46) I will buy you expensive bags just so you can piss them off.


47) You are hotter and smarter than everyone I know.

48) My family is just as fucked up as yours.

49) I genuinely do not have a girlfriend.

50) I'm good at crossing roads.


Sunday, November 7


Many people have the misconception that I’m from a rich family. Well let me tell you now, I’m not. I’m poorer than you. When I say this I’m really not trying to portray modesty. I mean it when I say it.

My dad had a major setback in his career and is now at the verge of bankruptcy. My mom is currently trying to make a living for the family by running a hawker stall in a Chinese food-court.

When I was in the car w my mom on the way to the food-court, I asked,

YgGuo: ‘Mi, how much are you earning from this?’

Mother: ‘About 150 to 200 ringgit a day?’

200 Ringgit. That’s 9 hours of toil and sweat from a loving mother in exchange for granting her son a meal at any decent Chinese restaurant in the UK.




The other day I sat down at my desk thinking of writing to my family to tell them how much I love them. Instead, I thought of how each and every one of them has detached themselves from all sorts of luxuries to support my living expenses in the UK.

Not surprisingly, I winded up being overwhelmed by just how much they love me.

It’s so easy to talk about love, but how many of us have really put forth the effort to weld those words together as we speak of love? I can’t remember when the last time I did something nice for my family was. I was too young to comprehend their subtle ways of loving me. They never told me how much trouble it was to look after me.

Mother Teresa once said, ‘The success of love is not in the result of loving but to want the best for the other person.’ That’s indisputably true. Despite my previous relationships have been ultimate failures, my devotion to my exes has accorded me a different kind of happiness. It has once meant something to someone.

No wonder we are all screwed up. We let people into our deepest core and allow them to uncover our true selves for the sheer thought of being someone’s someone.




Once I caught a glimpse of my mom from my car squatting by the roadside while washing some dirty dishes. After parking my car I quickly got down and offered to help. However, she flatly rejected my offer and said,

‘You’d stink.’

And proceeded to cook me a nice bowl of fish ball noodles w additional ingredients in it. In that split moment, my heart cracked.




Love manifests parents who forgo their sleep to look after their kids; lovers who send cards to express their affection; friends who stand by each other during bad times. However all of them have no intrinsic value at all as love cannot be measured.

Whether it’s a love card sent from another continent or a simple morning text the value lies in the fact that we all look beyond our own needs and welfare to look out for others whom we cherish. After all, love inspires us to better ourselves in every way to provide for those we love.

I am truly amazed at what love can do. I am amazed at how much I’ve grown under their perpetual love, how much I’ve changed from a rebel against my family to a loving son.

I am eager to find love. I cant wait to show someone the love I have inside of me.

And, to make that person feel happy.

Tuesday, November 2



今年目前为止,和我关系最好的还是一个香港人。有一次在他冲凉的时候,我偷掉他的毛巾来给自己买时间吃他从 sainsbury 买回来的饼干,我告诉他没有吃到3块以上物不归还。

今年跟我同居的洋人比去年多,可是真的, 今年我的洋人朋友反而没有去年的多。想想去年,我还到酒吧打工来认识多一些洋人。因为那时候我觉得,你来英国,就是要认识英国人见识他们的文化等等。


今年我真的不吊那些洋鬼。Boo 讲得很对,如果你不喝酒你一定交不到洋人朋友。人跟鬼,根本就是两个不同世界的动物,不要讲喝酒,就是旅行、饮食、话题等等根本就恰恰不合嘛!(千万不要跟洋鬼旅行!!)

在英国,只要你超会喝酒,会干蠢事,你就会是首选的 ‘好’ 朋友。

我讲的蠢事不是只限于在大庭广众小解之类的事。我讲的蠢事包融了在 dance floor打飞机,在巴士上打架,把自己的脚摔断之类的事。